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Legal Help For Complex Matters

There are certain situations and life events that bring with them extraordinary legal complications. When starting a business or engaging in any kind of dispute or litigation, you are entering into complex legal territory and there is a lot at stake. Make sure you work with only the most trusted legal team with a strong reputation for success.

At Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey LLP, we have a prestigious history and a reputation for success. Since our founding in 1911, attorneys from our firm have been protecting our clients’ rights and advocating for their best interests. As the oldest firm in Indiana, we provide exceptional legal representation for clients in and around the New Castle, Indiana, area. If you are engaging in civil or commercial litigation, or any complex legal matter, our attorneys can help.

Business Startup

Starting a new business is an exciting, complex endeavor with numerous legal concerns to attend to. Without proper legal coverage, it is common for new businesses to make simple errors that end up being extremely costly for a business long term.

Our attorneys help new business with complex business startups and transactions, the initial contractual matters, employee relationships, initial business plans and startup documentation, and filing with the Secretary of the State. We will help you with everything needed to get a new business venture started and launched successfully.

Commercial Disputes

Disputes will arise in the operation of any business. It is inevitable. A business or commercial dispute can be extremely costly if not handled well. Even a successful defense against a lawsuit or an accusation of a violation of the laws regulating your industry can be detrimental to your business’s long term financial health.

Our lawyers keep an eye on the bottom line, and we always work to resolve disputes and dispatch accusations as efficiently as possible.

Civil Litigation

Our experienced attorneys represent businesses and individuals in:

  • Insurance disputes and litigation
  • Personal injury claims
  • Property disputes
  • Other civil litigation claims

Before a claim goes to trial, we do everything we can to mitigate the damage and find swift resolution. But once a case is in litigation, we take a straightforward, aggressive approach. We will do anything possible to win your case.

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