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Resolving Business-Related Controversies, Claims And Lawsuits

Legal problems often come to businesses in the form of breach of contract claims. A customer or another business refuses to honor their side of a contract or a business is accused of the same.

The best time to solve the problem of a breach of contract claim is before it ever happens. Contracts must be carefully written and reviewed to prevent disputes. The second best time to resolve a contract-related dispute is at the first mention of a complaint.

To save your business time and money, seek a timely, cost-effective resolution with the help of an experienced business law attorney. Since 1911, Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey, the oldest law firm in New Castle, has stood for reliability. Our attorneys have the knowledge and perseverance to help ensure a strong outcome to your business dispute.

Types Of Disputes We Can Help You Resolve

Examples of cases we have handled include:

  • Breach of contract claims involving customers, suppliers and other businesses
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes involving landlords or tenants
  • Employee and contractor disputes
  • Disputes involving local governments and state or federal agencies

Whatever legal challenges your business faces, our lawyers can help you review your options and pursue the best recourse. Taking an argument before a judge and jury should be the last resort, but if your case comes to that, we are ready to take it all the way. More often, we help clients find acceptable solutions without needing to go to court.

Request An Evaluation Of Your Business Law Matter

When your business’s viability weighs in the balance, there is no substitute for an experienced attorney’s opinion and guidance. Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey is a trustworthy source of counsel for any business owner or manager.

To schedule a consultation about a breach of contract claim on either side of the dispute, call 765-422-3020 or complete our online inquiry form.