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Form Your Business And Do Business With An Eye On Success

Starting a business is about much more than choosing a name, selecting initial leaders, finding funding and completing legal requirements with the state and other government entities. There are countless details to tend to. To simplify the process of launching your enterprise, get quality legal counsel from the start.

At Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey, you will find a ready team of attorneys who have been hand-picked to carry on the legacy of our firm, which was founded in 1911. We are confident you will find a business formation lawyer among us who suits your needs.

Put The Building Blocks In Place

We can help you fulfill your purposes such as the following in a timely and effective manner:

  • Choose the right entity structure
  • If you are working with partners, determine who will be responsible for key parts of the business
  • If you will be located in a commercial property, choose and lease that space with usage limitations clearly understood
  • if you will be working from one or more private homes, clarify any zoning regulations to watch out for
  • Discuss your business’s name, logo and other intellectual property to protect and use wisely
  • If you expect to have employees or work with contractors, create training and legal documentation for your mutual protection

This is just a partial list of issues to contend with when you are preparing to start or expand a business in Indiana. Our firm’s strong reputation can reassure you of the importance of our guidance through the business formation process.

Manage Transactions Effectively

Once your business is operating, you will be creating and formalizing many contracts with many parties as you go along. Our business law attorneys can save you time and money by monitoring your vulnerabilities whenever you are about to formalize a contract.

We can also help you resolve disputes that arise at any time. Keep in mind that we aim to “fireproof” our clients so that contract disputes are truly rare.

Request A Consultation

Get your business formation, expansion and operations underway with reassurance of the legal protection that you need and deserve.

Call 765-422-3020 or send an email inquiry to schedule a meeting with one of our business law attorneys in person in our Castle Rock law offices, at your location or through a videoconference.