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Guidance For Trustees And Executors

If you are responsible for administering and settling all or part of an estate, this is not a time to try to go it alone or get generic help from YouTube videos. You need qualified and personalized legal advice to avoid trouble for the estate, yourself and other people or entities with interests in the estate or the property held in a trust.

At Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey, you can find the caliber of legal counsel you are looking for. For more than 100 years, this law firm has provided guidance and assistance to families in the New Castle area. We help executors follow the rules of the probate court and likewise, we help trustees distribute assets in accordance with each trust’s provisions.

If You Are A Trustee

As the person responsible for settling a trust, you must identify and secure the property that the trust possesses, communicate clearly with other beneficiaries, if there are others; keep accounts, deal with tax matters, reimburse Medicaid if required, and above all, protect yourself from accusations of breach of fiduciary trust by anyone. Our trust administration attorneys can guide you confidently through all requirements.

If You Are An Executor Or Personal Representative

Our probate law attorneys can help you complete the steps you need to take to settle an estate, such as the following:

  • Ensure that probate is filed with the court in a timely manner
  • Request and receive a letter of administration from the probate court giving you authority to act on the estate’s behalf
  • Create an inventory of assets and report back to the probate court in a timely manner
  • Publish notices of probate in the local newspaper and communicate with creditors
  • File tax returns and pay outstanding taxes as well as other debts required to be paid from the estate
  • Sell assets as necessary to pay taxes, pay other debts and/or distribute assets to beneficiaries (with the supervision of the court in some cases)

Our attorneys are here to provide information, clarity and practical assistance.

No Matter How You Are Connected To An Estate, Let Us Help

You may be an executor, a trustee, a beneficiary of a trust or a beneficiary named in a will. Whatever your questions and expectations are, Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey is a trustworthy source of the guidance you need.

We urge you to contact us by phone at 765-422-3020 or send an email at your earliest opportunity.